DryMine Dewatering Solutions offer services within the mining industry, and to other industries, to improve control of pump systems, piping systems, and related equipment. The services offered vary with each situation, some of the services typically offered include:

  •  Project Management
  •  System Design & Construction
  •  Site Service & Preventative Maintenance
  •  Consulting & Purchase Evaluation
  •  Site Water Management
  •  Use of DryMine Pump Recycler System for re-use of equipment
  •  Mapping & Modelling of Water Systems
  •  Training in Pump Operation and Troubleshooting
  •  Pipework Installation / Modification
DryMine online training

With our focus on providing solutions, we will always consider all options and the use of existing equipment rather than offering a product.

To enable mines to reuse existing equipment, we developed DryMine Pump Recycler, once implemented, it is a simple process to evaluate the re-use of equipment. We prepare a database of existing equipment including pumps, motors, engines, pipes and fittings.

A project is started when a pump requirement is being considered and DryMine Pump Recycler does the rest, it evaluates the options from existing surplus equipment and maintains stock levels when equipment is used.

Training is provided, or DryMine can manage the system for you. This is an exciting concept for companies who operate several mines and would like to efficiently and effectively access surplus equipment accross the entire group.

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